JT Siurek - Founder & Bus Driver

JT is tasked with keeping the business moving in the right direction (even though he should look at a map sometimes). Jack Flannel has been his idea for years and we are slowly seeing his dreams come true. "I just want to say thank you to everyone for helping make your world a better place" - JT Siurek
Interesting Fact: The J in his name does NOT stand for Jack.

Cillian Donahue - Environmental & Social Outreach

Cillian is a lover of all things science and anything time consuming, such as social media! She enjoys romantic conversations about environmental science and long strolls through her twitter feed. She is your girl for all your outreach needs!
Interesting Fact: Cillian’s best friend is her cat Teegan, and she aspires to fulfill her dream of being a crazy cat lady.

Anna Orange - Head of Branding, Design, & Coordination



Anna is the fruit of the group ;) She is tasked with developing the apparel to keep Jack Flannel moving forward with the fashion industry. In the near future she will be coordinating events to continue with our goal of helping save the planet one tree at a time. 

Interesting Fact: Anna LOVES sloths and feels they are an under-appreciated animal.