Our Story

Nature is a wonderful thing. It gives us so much, and yet, we tend to give little back.  Being able to experience a walk through nature and experience what its like in our eyes is one of the greatest pastimes. What is even better is the fact that everyone experiences it in their own way. Some enjoy music, some hiking, others enjoy camping or napping. No matter what experience you have with nature, it is yours no one else can have that exact same amazing experience. 

However, we live in a time where that is seemed to be taken for granted. 15 billion trees are cut down every year to continue the drive of industry and clear land for new development. Over half of the trees that once covered earth are now gone. With deforestation getting more intense every year, it is only a matter of time until there is nothing left. 

So we here at The Jack Flannel Co. saw a need for a change. We love having the ability to enjoy nature, so we wanted to make sure that everyone has that ability for years to come. We have a passion for comfortable clothing and we saw the perfect opportunity to provide something people want, and get our message across at the same time. The idea for the company was then born, out of a love of comfort and a love for everything nature has to offer. 

When coming up with a name, we wanted it to be something that related to our patterns and with nature itself. There is the stereotype that Lumberjacks wear flannel shirts and cut down trees. Relating to that stereotype, now the Jack Flannel Co. will plant trees. 

We hope that even if not a single product is purchased, that our message can be heard around the world about a planet with limited resources that humans as a whole tend to take advantage of. If we all start to make the change together and begin to be more conscious about it, then our story can begin to be rewritten and there will be nature for all to enjoy

Our products are soft and comfortable and we want everyone to be able to wear them. Then to be able to look into the mirror and feel good about themselves in their own skin. 

So above all else, thank you for even your interest in The Jack Flannel Co. Whether it is the products themselves, which we will continue to constantly introduce new ones to give everyone great products that give back. Or if you're just hear to listen to our message, thank you for taking the time out of your day to think about the planet you live on in the same way we do. If we all make small changes, we can change the world in a big way. Together.

-The Jack Flannel Team