The Jack Flannel Company Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in The Jack Flannel Company Ambassador Program. We are looking to extend our outreach as a company and want you to be a part of it. As a company we have a dedication to making our world a better place for tomorrow. Here at Jack Flannel, we are looking for individuals who share a similar vision and drive to better the world for tomorrow. 

So do you like making money? Do you love posting on social media? Do you want to make your world a better place? If you answered yes to one or all three of those questions, then this program could be for YOU!

How does the Ambassador program work?

That’s a good question!

What we are asking you to do is promote Jack Flannel as much as possible across all of your own social media platforms. You can get creative with your promotions to drive more business, which means more money in your pocket, and more trees planted around the world!

Some things we suggest doing to promote the business are:

  • Personal Photoshoots
  • Videos
  • Social Media Stories
  • Word of mouth
  • Tagging Jack Flannel in content
  • Anything else you can think of to get creative!

We want to allow your creativity to flow as we work with you to build our brand as much as possible. 

Benefits of the Ambassador Program

We want to take care of the people that share in our vision and here is how we plan on doing it.

  • All selected to become Jack Flannel Ambassadors will receive a personal code to use on our website for themselves only that is always 20% off the store regardless of if a sale is going on to the public. (Example: If your name was “Jim” the code may be “Jim20”
    • Note that this is a personal code only. Any outside abuse of this code may result in termination from the Ambassador program.
  • A shareable code to use for all that follow your social media accounts. When this code is used, the customer gets some off of their sale and YOU get paid for it. A 10% off code that you can share where the customer gets the benefits, and then 10% of the sale (before taxes and shipping) gets sent to you via PayPal at the end of the month. 
    • Example: If your name is “Jim”, customers from your social media can use code “Jim” at checkout for 10% off. Which is great for them! Then at the end of the month you get paid 10% of the item price(s) of every sale sent to you via PayPal.
    • Another Example: If someone were to buy one of our Jack Flannel Dad Hats for $18 using your personal code. At the end of the month you would receive $1.80 into your PayPal account. It may not seem like much, but the more you’re willing to promote these products and close sales, the more money you can make. 
  • A reward system for all of our Ambassadors based on sales metrics and trees planted with tiers rewarding items. Such as a new Jack Flannel item for free, gift cards, additional bonus pay, etc. This is going to be determined at a later date. 
  • We will promote you personally on our company social media! If you use a picture for the program, we have the right to then use that photo in promotional material. Which we will tag you in, because we all know how important followers are. 

We want you to be a part of this special journey of making this world a better place. With your help, we know what we can make Jack Flannel something that is going to set our world up for a better tomorrow.


Apply to be an Ambassador Here: