Where is Jack Flannel Now? (6/17/19)

It has been a wild ride since the beginning of this journey over the past 8 months. Running a small company out of a dorm room while trying to balance college and an actual job is no easy task. Especially when you're working to try and grow and spread your message like here at Jack Flannel. 

Now that summer is in the air and school has subsided, operations have moved out of a dorm room and in to a basement. (Quite the upgrade. I know). It work though. We are no where near the point of needing to move to anything larger at the moment. But we hope to see it on the horizon soon enough. Even if we never reach that point in the business. That is not the overall goal. The goal is to get everyone to take a little bit of extra time to think about the world around them and how much nature truly gives us. Unfortunately with the way things are going in the world today there may not be enough of nature to go around in the not so near future. So we want to provide comfortable clothing that people can both look good and feel good in. We don't just mean feel good as in the incredible fabrics used, but the feeling of knowing that you put your best foot forward in helping make the world a better place for tomorrow. 

Even though it is tough to get everything done, there has been a lot that has been done to make Jack Flannel a company for everyone! We are constantly listening to your comments about our products to give you the best possible experience moving forward. Unfortunately we won't be able to get everything done that we want to, but time and money are always issues for every company. Especially one where we are putting such an emphasis on making an environmental impact. 

That does not mean that we have been sitting around hoping people buy our current clothes. We have been working hard to bring the next best thing to Jack Flannel. Most recently with the new Dad Hats as well as the Sapphire and Diamond editions to help build all the things that all of you love. 

There are many new things on the horizon that are being worked on tirelessly to improve the overall Jack Flannel experience. As well as working to increase our presence overall across all platforms. This is partially able now because of recent successes at entrepreneurship competitions. Where people were so impressed with the mission that is trying to be accomplished that they were willing to help. Mostly with being monetary donations but also including advice and guidance into what is to come. Those resources are providing us with the tools we need to move in the right direction. 

Some of the things to come include a Words with the Founder section on our website. Where our founder will be writing, making videos, and much more to answer YOUR questions and give updates about what is going on in the world of Jack Flannel. So don't be afraid to ever send your questions our way of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

We hope to continue to update you more as time goes on and become more transparent with the way we do things. Look for much more coming soon!


-The Jack Flannel Team


P.S. -  As of right now we have planted over 150 trees 😁🌲